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We offer payment processing service’s for the greater St.Louis area and beyond. We have access to the latest credit card processing and technology and software. Whether you are a small business or have multiple location’s. If you are a high-risk business like CDB or anyone with high ticket items or prone to charge backs are all welcome. We have access with over 25 different bank’s and we will find the right merchant account for your business.

Why Choose Showpayments

We know we can save your business money, but we get it. You want the facts plain and simple, Maybe you don’t like change. Maybe you think you are getting a good rate already, or maybe you are just short on time. Well let me make it simple for you.NO CONTRACT, if you don’t like us, you can dump us. CASH DISCOUNT program, one-day approval, local support, and next-day funding. Email us your most recent processing statement and within 48 hours you will get a proposal from us. It will show everything you are paying now versus what you would pay with us. So why not double-check, you just might be surprised.

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